also used for ATEX classified areas (all zones) Normally used for temperature control inside the silo or filter installed inside the higher room where air is clean. It is complete of a sleeve which avoids the sensor to be directly in contact with the potentially explosive atmosphere. The sleeve thermal conductivity transfers temperature to the sensor. It signals an overheating state caused by an ongoing or smoldering fire. Its NO (normally open) contact will close when the temperature reaches 88°C (190°F) and it will return back to open state as soon as the temperature decreases below 88°C (190°F). It requires a power supply voltage of 24Vdc and it is used to control an optical and acoustical alarm signal.


• IP65 temperature sensor, stainless steel, brass double thread 1/2” NPT, sensor rod diameter 16mm, length 113mm, wrench 22mm.

• Type of contact: N.O. Normally Open. • It closes at 88°C (190°F) and opens below 88°C (190°F).

• Contact rating 0.5A 24Vcc (max voltage 32Vdc).

• Electrical connections by two free leads, 300mm in length, inside an aluminium IP66 junction box, II 2GD Ex d IIC Atex model, 2 cable entries 3/4″ NPT with 3+3 terminals. Ground terminals are available both inside and outside the box.

• Brass thermal separation sleeve, internal thread 1/2”, external thread 3/4″ NPT, diameter 20mm, length 95mm, wrench 27mm.

• Accessories: 1 threaded adapter M-M 1/2″-3/4″, 1 elbow F-F 1/2″-1/2″, 1 weld nut 3/4″.

• Sensor working temperature – 40 + 125°C (- 40 + 257°F).

• Packaging mm 150x145x110. • Gross weight kg. 1.