The danger of explosion in industrial vacuum systems is always lurking and consequently also the safety of people especially in the workplace.

More and more often companies place air purification filters inside the work environment due to a lack of external spaces and consequently it is necessary to solve the problem caused by a possible explosion in the filter with a devastating and very dangerous effect for people.

The EN16009 Standard defines in a very specific way how to solve this problem and secure the people who work indoors in contact with the suction filter and air purification.

Aircom is always looking to develop explosion safety components for air suction and purification systems.

A new series of EN16009-2011 certified “FLAMELESS Venting Device” went into production in 2021. A very compact and simple design that passed the ST2 Class Burst Tests with high efficiency.

This new series offers itself the opportunity of installing in various positions in the Filters or Silos, as well as the possibility of installing the normal or Atex inductive sensor for detecting breakage of the antiexplosion vent panel.

EN16009-2011 StandardThe flameless blocks the flame exit and reduces the pressure of the explosion that occurs in the Filter or Silos thus allowing to install the Filter or Silos inside an environment, allowing people to circulate or work in the environment itself.

The principle for extinguishing the flame is the passage through a dense metal mesh which determines the extinction and reduction of the direct pressure of the explosion as required by the EN16009-2011 Standard.